Dr. Morteza Mahmoudi featured in Diagnostics World

New Disease Detection Technique: Magnetically Levitating Plasmas By Deborah Borfitz February 14, 2020 | The same technology that propels the world’s fastest electric train at speeds up to 267 miles per hour is now being used for the first time to levitate proteins in

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Dr. Morteza Mahmoudi research featured in MSU today.

LEVITATING’ PROTEINS COULD HELP DIAGNOSE OPIOID ABUSE, OTHER DISEASES Researchers at Michigan State University’s Precision Health Program have helped develop a fascinating new method for detecting the density of proteins in the blood – a method that could vastly improve

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Dr. Mahmoudi’s lab publishes new paper

Magnetically levitating proteins to precisely measure their density (Nanowerk Spotlight) The density of proteins in solution is an important fundamental biophysical quantity that has not been accurately measured yet. This has led to extensive debate in the literature

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