Adriana receives competitive fellowship

Adriana L. Ponton-Almodovar, a graduate student in the Horibata lab, has been awarded a competitive two-year fellowship on behalf of the Integrative Pharmacological Sciences Training Program (IPSTP/T32).  The IPSTP is an interdisciplinary training program, available to Ph.D. students

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Wang lab members selected for poster presentation at WMIC

Aixia Sun’s abstract titled “A Novel and Potential Site for Islet Organoid Transplation:  Brown Adipose Tissue” and Saumya Nigam’s  abstract titled “Development of one dimensional nanotracer platforms for magnetic particle imaging of lungs” were both selected for a poster

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Gathering to celebrate PHP

The annual PHP celebration was held at Dr. Anna Moore’s house to celebrate another successful year at PHP.   It was a beautiful day to get together to celebrate all of PHP accomplishments over the past year with yummy

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