Dr. Moore graduates from ELAM

CHM Dean, Dr. Aron Sousa attended Anna’s graduation in Philadelphia.

Dr. Anna Moore graduated from the The Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program program.  ELAM is a highly rigorous and transformative one-year leadership training program designed specifically for women leaders in academic medicine. It provides a comprehensive platform for personal and professional growth, equipping participants with the necessary skills and resources to excel in their careers.

Through a combination of intensive coaching, networking, and mentoring opportunities, ELAM aims to foster a supportive environment that empowers women to take on leadership roles in academic medicine, dentistry, and public health. By investing in the development of talented and qualified women, the program seeks to significantly enhance the national talent pool for leadership positions in these fields.

ELAM’s multifaceted curriculum not only enhances leadership competencies but also emphasizes the importance of fostering diversity and inclusivity within academic medicine. By addressing the unique challenges faced by women in the field, the program equips participants with strategies to overcome barriers and navigate complex organizational dynamics.

ELAM recognizes the value of collaboration and community-building. Participants have the opportunity to connect with a diverse network of accomplished professionals, creating a platform for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and ongoing support. This network becomes a lifelong resource, enabling participants to leverage collective expertise and broaden their influence in their respective fields.

In summary, the ELAM Program stands as an exceptional avenue for empowering women leaders in academic medicine. By offering a transformative experience that combines intensive training, personalized coaching, extensive networking, and mentoring opportunities, it seeks to cultivate a robust and diverse talent pool, paving the way for women to thrive and lead in the realms of academic medicine, dentistry, and public health.

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