Precision Health Program’s Hasaan Hayat awarded WMIC’s 2021 Student Travel Stipend Award for Abstract Submission

The World Molecular Imaging Conference Awards Committee gathered today to select winners of the Student Travel Stipend Award from among the submitted abstracts in anticipation of the upcoming Conference taking place October 5-8 2021.

The World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) is an international scientific educational organization dedicated to the understanding of biology and medicine through multimodal in vivo imaging of cellular and molecular events involved in normal and pathologic processes and utilization of quantitative molecular imaging in patient care. The award seeks support the next generation of researchers in the Molecular Imaging field to build networks, drive collaboration, stay up-to-date, and share best practices by interacting with interest groups, meet presenters, chat with poster presenters, meet fellows, and much more. Abstracts were selected based on grade and ranking from other qualified submissions.

Hasaan’s abstract, titled “Automated segmentation and quantification of simultaneous PET/MRI for monitoring islet cell transplantation with Deep Learning” was among the recipients of the 2021 Awards.

To learn more about the World Molecular Imaging Conference taking place next week click HERE.