Dr. Morteza Mahmoudi Speaking at MSU’s Work Life Annual Conference

Learn new tools and resources that can contribute to a positive work environment at Michigan State University.  Join us at the 2020 WorkLife Conference.  Toxic work environments, including instances of bullying and incivility, are highly prevalent in higher… Read More

Dr. Ping Wang receives The Inspiration Level Award

The Inspiration Level Award was awarded to Dr. Ping Wang for the recent submission of the concept paper entitled,  “Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Magnetic Particle Imaging for Tracking Transplanted Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes” to the MTRAC AgBio Innovation Challenge.  Click… Read More

PHP senior, Katie Powell, awarded ASIP research grant

Michigan State University microbiology senior Katie Powell received a Summer Research Opportunity Program in Pathology (SROPP) grant from the American Society for Investigative Pathology. The primary objective of the ASIP SROPP is to promote the entry of undergraduate students… Read More

Dr. Aixia Sun and Hasaan Hayat selected for presentations at the Rising Stars of MPI and Molecular Imaging e-Symposia.

Dr. Aixia Sun’s abstract titled “Monitoring transplanted stem cell-derived islet organoids using magnetic particle imaging in vivo”,  has been selected to give an oral presentation a the Rising Stars of MPI and Molecular Imaging e-Symposia.  Dr. Sun is a… Read More

Dr. Morteza Mahmoudi featured in podcast on Academic Bullying

Bullying behavior is painful. Dr. Mahmoudi and Dr. Roberts sit down with Dr. Girdwood in the WorkLife Office to talk about academic incivility. Topics include: bullying up, mobbing, and creating training materials as an intervention to educate Spartans… Read More

Dr. Morteza Mahmoudi featured in Diagnostics World

New Disease Detection Technique: Magnetically Levitating Plasmas By Deborah Borfitz February 14, 2020 | The same technology that propels the world’s fastest electric train at speeds up to 267 miles per hour is now being used for the first time to levitate proteins in… Read More

Dr. Anna Moore was invited to speak at the Precision Medicine World Conference on treatment of metastatic cancer

The Precision Medicine World Conference was held in Santa Clara, California this year and included 2500 Multidisciplinary , government, academia, and nonprofit attendees.   Gathering recognized leaders, top global researchers and medical professionals, plus innovators across healthcare and biotechnology… Read More

Dr. Mahmoudi’s lab publishes new paper

Magnetically levitating proteins to precisely measure their density (Nanowerk Spotlight) The density of proteins in solution is an important fundamental biophysical quantity that has not been accurately measured yet. This has led to extensive debate in the literature… Read More

2nd Annual Precision Health Symposium is a success!

The second Annual Precision Health Symposium was held on December 3rd, 2019 and brought together an impressive list of speakers to discuss topics in Precision Health.