PHP sponsors Science Fest

Katie Powell, a staff member at PHP, organized a Science Fest for children and families (Grades K -7) to experience a wide variety of interactive science experiments.

Each station gave kids an opportunity to participate in hands-on experiments and learn  the science behind each experiment.  The stations included: 

  • robotics with 020bots,
  • a hand-held radio station
  • imagine planet who had  multiple animals
  • elephant toothpaste
  • grow your own plants
  • keva plank towers
  • fizzy painting
  • a station that showed the microbes all around us
  •  playing with putty
  • liquid nitrogen ice cream
  • super skeletons
  • states of matter with dry ice
  • fire extinguisher science
  • rainbow rain 
  • bioluminescent microbes
  • giant bubbles
  • paper airplane dynamics 
  • exothermic or endothermic reactions
  • biodegradable plastic from milk
  • make your own bouncy ball