Lorenzo Sempere is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Radiology and a faculty member of the campus-wide Precision Health Program at MSU. Dr. Sempere is originally from Elche, a sunny city in southeastern Spain with one of the largest palm tree groves in the world. He obtained his B.S. in biochemistry at Universidad Miguel Hernández and trained in the laboratory of Victor Ambros, co-discoverer of microRNAs, at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Dr. Sempere initiated his translational cancer research in the laboratory of Charles Cole with a Susan G. Komen for the Cure postdoctoral fellowship and continued to climb the academic ladder at Dartmouth in the laboratory of Murray Korc with a Laurie and Paul MacCaskill PanCAN-AACR Career Development award. Before joining MSU, Dr. Sempere led his own laboratory research program as research-track faculty first at Geisel School of Medicine and then at Van Andel Research Institute. Dr. Sempere has worked in the field of microRNAs since their discovery in 2001. He has experience and expertise as an author, reviewer and journal editor in diverse areas of microRNA research, including evolutionary and developmental biology, molecular and cellular biology, and immunology and cancer biology.

Lorenzo Sempere

Member, Precision Health Program

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology


    Research interests

  • Intraductal approaches for primary prevention and treatment of breast cancer.
  • Cell type-specific role of microRNAs in pancreatic cancer.
  • Tumor-stroma interaction in cancer models.
  • microRNA-based therapeutic applications in cancer.
  • High-content tissue-slide based assays for cancer diagnostics and treatment 
  • 2019 Minority & Minority-Serving Institution Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research Award for participation in the AACR Special Conference on “Pancreatic Cancer: Advances in Science and Clinical Care”.