Precision Health Program Imaging Facility

The PHP Imaging Facility is equipped with an IVIS SpectrumCT and a Genisys G4 PET/X-ray. This instrumentation allows for in vivo optical or PET imaging overlaid with the anatomical features of the animal provided by either low dose microCT or X-ray. Instruments may also be used for in vitro testing of reagents prior to work within animals.

Above: In vivo bioluminescence image demonstrating pancreatic tumor expressing luciferase driven by Pdx1-cre captured with IVIS SpectrumCT. microCT incorporated in this instrument allows for additional localization information. *Courtesy of the Sempere Lab.

Above: G4 PET/X-ray scanner allows for 18FDG PET and X-Ray imaging to obtain fused PET/X-Ray images (Sofie Biosciences).


IVIS SpectrumCT

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The IVIS® SpectrumCT (Perkin Elmer) allows for in vivo bioluminescence, fluorescence and Cherenkov imaging. The instrument supports both high throughput and longitudinal imaging integrated with low dose microCT. The IVIS SpectrumCT enables simultaneous molecular and anatomical longitudinal studies, providing researchers with essential insights into complex biological systems in small animal models. The constant horizontal gantry motion and the flat panel detector provide unparalleled performance for low-dose imaging and automated optical and microCT integration. The stable revolving animal platform table rotates 360° to acquire full 3D data. Multiple animals can be scanned simultaneously while maintaining an average dose per scan at about 13mGy, with a scanning and reconstruction time of less than a minute. Optical and microCT modalities can also operate independently.

Topographic data is essential for the accuracy of 3D tomographic reconstructions, and the IVIS SpectrumCT’s unique surface mapping allows for true topographic surface mapping of the animal. In addition, the intuitive workflow and imaging wizard features facilitate procedures for 3D tomography and 2D screening modes in bioluminescence, fluorescence and Cerenkov luminescence.              

Genisys G4 PET/X-ray scanner (Sofie Biosciences) is an essential tool for translational research, that delivers cost-effective performance in a compact, easy-to-use footprint, and keep your valuable animal models safe throughout the duration of the study. Designed to function more like an imaging lab than a standalone scanner, G4 PET/X-ray is an intuitive workflow solution.

Genisys G4 PET/X-ray

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Services and Fees - Pending Approval

One hour of training with facility staff on each instrument will be required before independent studies can be performed. Users will not be allowed to operate instruments until cleared by facility staff. Training by fellow lab members is not sufficient unless approved by facility staff for high use groups.

IVIS SpectrumCT:

  • Unassisted Internal Use – $72/hr
  • Unassisted Federal Use – $72/hr
  • Unassisted External Use – $90/hr
  • Well Plate Scan – Free

Genisys G4 PET/X-ray:

  • Unassisted Internal Use – $96/hr
  • Unassisted Federal Use – $96/hr
  • Unassisted External Use – $121/hr

Training and/or Tech Time

  • $30/hr in addition to fee for instrument use
  • Examples include: sample scanning, tail vein injections or other technical tasks you wish facility staff to perform

Contact Us

Ping Wang, MD, PhD

Director, PHP Imaging Facility


Beth Kenyon, M.S.

Core Manager, PHP Imaging Facility