I’m a recent graduate of Lyman Briggs College (MSU), having earned a B.S in Neuroscience. My background includes research with NASA’s Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Lab at MSU, as well as fabricating microchips for neural implants through the microtechnology lab at IQ Labs (MSU). I am fascinated by technology, computing, and medicine, and am using these dynamics to innovate an Artificial Intelligence algorithm for the in vivo quantification of iron-oxide nanoparticles, in the domain of transplanted pancreatic islets, through MPI imaging. Outside of the research setting, I’m pursuing a medical & business degree so that I’m capable of translating novel research into the clinic when opportunities arise. The fun side of me loves to ride motorcycles, snowboard, and climb mountains. Oh, and I love animals! Fun Fact:  I have an idential twin brother whose name is different by only 1 letter.

Hanaan Hayat