Dr. Anna Moore was invited to speak at the Precision Medicine World Conference on treatment of metastatic cancer

The Precision Medicine World Conference was held in Santa Clara, California this year and included 2500 Multidisciplinary , government, academia, and nonprofit attendees.  
  • Gathering recognized leaders, top global researchers and medical professionals, plus innovators across healthcare and biotechnology sectors
  • Showcasing latest practical content that helps close the knowledge gap among different sectors
  • Promoting cross-functional fertilization & collaboration to accelerate Precision Medicine
  • Main Tracks and Showcases (7 total) that provide a mix of established and upcoming perspectives
  • Luminary and Pioneer Award Ceremony honoring those who transform health care by advancing precision medicine in the clinic

Emerging Therapeutics Showcase:  Dr. Anna Moore
Michigan State University

By redefining health and disease we can drive medicine toward health and away from treating symptoms. In this way, we refocus medicine on the restoration of health rather than amelioration of symptoms.

Image-Guided Therapy For Metastatic Breast Cancer
This talk will cover a new therapy for treating metastatic breast cancer based on silencing microRNA-10b responsible for viability of meta-static cells. Pre-clinical studies showed elimination of established metastasis in mice using image-guided nanoparticles conjugated to anti-miR-10b antisense oligonucleotides. Studies in large animals are under way; human clinical trials are to follow.