Shahriar received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology with specialization in drug delivery systems mainly for breast cancer treatment. He further specialized in polymer chemistry and obtained his second Ph.D. from University of Groningen with the focus on polymeric biomaterials and their application for low back pain treatment. His research interests within last decades include synthesis and characterization of biodegradable polymers for various medical and tissue engineering applications including tissue adhesives and sealants, medical elastomers, biomedical hydrogels, biomedical nanocomposites, resorbable shape memory polymers, nanomedicine, and photocrosslinkable resins for 3D printing. As part of his industrial experiences, he also has worked for number of medical device companies and involved in the development of high-risk medical devices such as surgical adhesion barriers and hemostats using resorbable polymer technology.

Shahriar Sharifi